Say Nothing

The Bogside, Northern Ireland; 1969. There is a lot that 15-year-old Moira Heaney doesn’t understand these days. She doesn’t understand why Catholics are fighting Protestants and Protestants fighting Catholics, or why some are saying it’s got nothing to do with religion at all. She doesn’t understand her father’s rage or her mother’s sorrow, or why they are so concerned with what England is doing. What does it matter, anyway; and why is everyone so preoccupied with Loyalist or Nationalist, Protestant or Catholic? Moira has other things to worry about: she just wants to live her life; keep her head down; stay out of trouble.

Then the violence comes to the Bogside, and suddenly, trouble is right on her doorstep.

Say Nothing is a work of young adult historical fiction, based on the real events of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. The title is inspired by the Seamus Heaney poem, ‘Whatever You Say, You Say Nothing’.