On 2013, and tonsillitis

Really, I don’t know why I’m surprised that I’m ill.

After all, 2013 was one great big steaming turd of a year, so of course I would end it with tonsillitis. Of course I would miss my cousin’s wedding reception; of course I would lose four days to illness; of course I would miss seeing family and friends while I slept through the tail end of my vacation. It’s fast approaching midnight, and I want to be celebrating the end of this year with my friends, but instead I’m at home with a fever and a faint (prescription!) drug high.

But enough negativity.

My New Year’s Resolution has been the same every year for the past several years: get down to 128lbs. I know, I know. I will give you a few minutes to collect your jaws from the floor, because I know you’re shocked to learn I don’t weigh 128lbs (actually, technically, I suppose I do. 128lbs, and some extra).

This year, it’s time for a change; a new New Year’s Resolution.

My New Year’s Resolution this year is to “be healthier”: healthier in terms of body, mind, and soul. For the healthier body, I’ll be working out at home every day; working out in the gym 3 times a week; doing yoga; eating more fruit; all that good and boring stuff. I promise I’m not going to be one of those “here’s an #instagram of my #kale #smoothie #yum” people, though. I solemnly swear I will not get excited by kale. The healthier soul is going to come from going to church; reading the Bible; praying more; teaching Roo to pray; and hopefully by the end of the year I will have shaken off that English awkwardness when it comes to talking about faith. The healthier mind is going to come from more Skype time with friends; from reading, constantly; and – here’s the bit I’m excited about – writing every day.

Yep, after this year’s NaNo, I thought “I like this madness. I’m going to keep doing this.”

But, really, my New Year’s Resolutions can be summed up by three ‘F’ words:

In this new year, I am going to be fabulous. I’m going to be equal parts Mary Poppins and Jackie Kennedy, with a dash of Joan Holloway thrown in (disclaimer: I am only on season two of Mad Men, and I’m obviously not a fan of the ‘other woman’ thing; but I’m a huge fan of the sass, the hair, and oh, the dresses).

Look, I know there are people out there who are far, far worse off than I am. I know that my life, as Del Boy would say, is ‘pukka’. But this year has thrown poverty, the death of a loved one, infidelity, divorce and more at me, and I’m still standing. I like this new, indestructible me. She’s sticking around in 2014.

The final word is a four-letter F word that you would never hear Mary Poppins say. Pluralise it, and it’s something I’m done giving about people who aren’t deserving. As a verb, it’s something that no longer comes with my heart attached.

In case anyone was wondering: yes, I do currently have a high fever, I am currently on (prescription!) drugs, my vision is sort of flashing, and yes, I am starting to wonder if this post was a good idea. Ah well. #YOLO!!!!
(Um… Sorry.)

Hey, 2014?


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